… because we are shaped by history …

a novel by Maffy Vaz



Her best and worst moments of life had their beginnings in death-shrouded places.

Socially awkward Daphne feels liberated when her hateful great Nana dies. Shockingly, she learns that the wicked witch, who was not Polish as originally believed, had been living incognito in Australia since 1948, and had travelled from India … with another woman’s baby.
Daphne must now unfurl her maternal family’s tricky past with help from the attractive half-Portuguese lawyer, Benny, who has a turbulent past himself. They cross oceans for answers but find deceit. Historic obsessions, betrayals and curses unfold, which lead to a present day revenge killing and suicide pacts lined with lies and half truths.
Can Daphne trust him? Will parallel events seen between two branches of her family drive them apart or will they defy the stars? Daphne knows it’s decision time. She is fighting for her own heart.



Hello and welcome dear readers to my writing escapades.

Escaping with a book was my idea of freedom while growing up to avoid things I didn’t want to do. Books were my dearest friends; they took me to beautiful, imaginary places. And slowly, writing joined my wonderful world of make-believe with a tinge of stories of the past I listened to. History felt real, and curiosity took over.

Tricked into Being—my first novel was born.

I believe any type of reading enhances one’s vision and celebrates life as it mirrors the choices we make to live our lives as best as we can. Sadness and gladness go hand in hand. And no emotion is everlasting.

Thank you, dear readers, and friends for your support.



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